Hygiene and Ecology

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Handbook for practical exercises for medical students

Communal hygiene
1. Methods for hygienic investigation of water supplies and drinking water. Monitoring of drinking water and water sampling – S.Harizanova, P.Gatseva
2. Determination of drinking water parameters with indicative significance – S.Harizanova, P. Gatseva
3. Chemical analysis of drinking water.Determination of some chemical parameters. – S.Harizanova, P.Gatseva
4. Microbiological analysis of drinking water – S.Harizanova, P.Gatseva
5. Purification and disinfection of drinking water – S.Harizanova, P.Gatseva
6. Air pollution. Methods for air pollution analysis. Determination of CO, CO2, SO2 , NOX, lead aerosols,dusts - R.Vasileva
7. Monitoring of air pollution – R.Vasileva
8. Methods for hygienic investigation and evaluation of main physical factors of the air –microclimate – V.Atanasova
9. Methods for complex microclimate evaluation – V.Atanasova
10. Methods for hygienic assessment of heating, lighting, ventilation - R.Vasileva
11. Hygienic requirements to special hospitals (clinics) with high epidemiological risk. Prevention of the hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections –V.Atanasova
Ionizing radiation hygiene
12. Ionizing radiation –main principles of protection. Decontamination (Deactivation) – V.Atanasova
Hygiene of nutrition
13. Assessment of personal nutrition. Methods for determination of total energy expenditure, normal body weight, body mass index and personal nutritional requirements – V. Atanasova
14. Assessment of nutritional status. Dietary assessment methods – V.Atanasova
15. Hygienic evaluation of the food.Hygienic evaluation of meat. - R.Vasileva
16. Hygienic evaluation of milk, baby foods and canned foods - R.Vasileva
17. Prevention of foodborne diseases. Duties of medical specialists in foodborne disease outbreak - V.Atanasova
18. Hygienic investigation of eating places- R.Vasileva
Occupational hygiene
19. Physiological and psychophysical methods for assessment the efficiency and fatigue -S.Harizanova, A. Alexandrova
20. Noise and vibration – hygienic assessment - S.Harizanova, A. Alexandrova
21. Hygienic control in the use of pesticides - V.Atanasova
Childhood and adolescent hygiene
22. Methods for investigation and assessment of growth and development in children and adolescents- R.Vasileva
Tests for medical students about semester examination in hygiene and ecology

Автор(и) Assoc. Prof. Dr. P. Gatseva, MD, PhD
Издател VAP
Година на издаване 2011
Размер B5
Обем 271 pages
Тип корица Soft cover
Език English

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